Architectural Innovative Metals

AIM is a versatile metal fabrication company that offers a complete range of design and fabrication services to the building industry. Accredited with ASTM and AMAA testing, AIM aspires to deliver the highest standards of skilled metal crafting on every project.

Specializing in turnkey solutions for a broad variety of projects, AIM's unwavering commitment to offer the best experience is unsurpassed. Backed by 15 years of construction industry experience, AIM has gained a reputation for being responsive, involved and committed to the needs of our clients.

Emerging visions into workable applications, AIM's full commitment to the success of our clients is backed by our hand in hand approach. Understanding the growing emphasis for a building's long-term efficiency, AIM's modern approach towards sustainable engineering affords contractors and architects the flexibility to design custom metal and unique architectural elements that meet the standards of the green-building industry.